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Katsushika Hokusai was some Japanese guy living in the end of the 18th century and in the begining of the 19th century. He managed to survive by making drawings. Well, I guess, for finding qualified information on him, You should really look somewhere else. Like here.

Had some pictures by him uploaded anyway, for the Danish manga- and anime fanzine Anime (stupid name). May as well put a page around them:

ho_he.gif hest.gif ho_1ps.gif

  • Horse drawn with as few strokes as possible. Kind of a Zen-like way to do things. Very Japanese.

  • Another horse. Same principle. This one even isn't drawn by Hokusai.

  • Looks like the wallpaper in the summerhouse that does't get smarten up all too often. But it's actually some old cranes drawn with (almost) only one stroke. They're from Drawings made with one stroke.


  • Probably the most famous Japanese painting. As seen in an unlimited number of advertisements. The original is in colour, but who cares. From 36 drawings of Mt. Fuji.


  • The title page from one of Hokusai's How to draw manga books. He really did those. No shit.

    manga1.gif manga2.gif manga3.gif manga4.gif
    manga5.gif manga6.gif manga7.gif manga8.gif

  • Various drawings from a series of, like 20 books or something (number varies from source to source), called Manga. And here you thought manga was something with saucer-eyed premature girls, going pyon, pyon.

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